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Welcome to Blassys … Microenterprise eMagazine, the online publication about microfinance and microentrepreneurs’ efforts, gains, and challenges.

The term Microfinance is synonymous with microenterprise.  Microfinance includes microcredit, microloan, microsave, microinsurance, and other arrays of financing products that help microentrepreneurs succeed. Reports show that Microfinance/enterprise unburdens the rich of dependent beings, creates growth among the middle class, and empowers the poor.  Further, it affects national issues such as immigration, health care, environment, politics, defense, ethics and culture.

What is Microenterprise?  A microenterprise is any organization employing fewer than five (5) workers.  They are the backbone of many traditions and nations.  A microentrepreneur is an individual who operates a microenterprise.  Microentrepreneurs are everywhere – at villages, towns, and cities; with businesses that are set up in shacks, pushcarts, kiosks, bodegas, shopping centers, office buildings, or corporate towers. 

Our goal at Blassys is to use this channel to inform, educate, and entertain by bringing to our readers universal spectrum of ideas on the subjects as well as thoughtful opinions by practitioners, scholars, professionals and of course, the microentrepreneurs.

Columnists, writers, bloggers, MFIs and entrepreneurs, here is an opportunity to showcase your talents and products. Tell your stories, share results, achievements, challenges and future developments.


Blassys welcomes your letters, feature articles, videos, photos, humors, product trends, etc.


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